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little Grasse is a garden project that feeds Canton area residents. Our CSA (community supported agriculture), encourages a meaningful connection with the foods you consume daily. This naturally grown food will be distributed weekly via an interactive share in quantities that will significantly impact our shareholders diets. Conveniently located a mile from downtown, we require member involvement in the garden during the growing season. Our base share is vegetables and we also offer an additional share of meat (pork, chicken, duck). We welcome all people genuinely interested in gaining more knowledge of food issues and gardening skills.


share details: mid-september

share offering:
red norland POTATOES
TOMATOES (last week)

 Check out this or this link for ideas on what to do with KOHLRABI!

TOMATILLO's are the main ingredient in salsa verde. Roasting them brings out a deeper flavor that shines when paired with citrus, cumin and cilantro, among other things. Here's a simple recipe for quesadillas and tomatillo salsa that utilizes multiple ingredients from this week's share.

We've begun to harvest the fall POTATOES and so far the crop is bountiful. This week's potato, Red Norland, are moist and ideal for boiling and potato salads.

Farewell TOMATOES, we love you so well! If the tomatoes in your share are not fully ripe, set them out in a room temperature space and allow to fully redden, thus improving both the flavor and texture.


sept. garden morning pics

Yes, it was grey on Saturday morning. And yes, it began to rain as we started to eat lunch. And yes, I suppose it was a little full in the barn as a result. BUT WE HOPE YOU HAD AN ENJOYABLE, MEMORABLE TIME! It was a very productive morning. All the winter squash and pumpkins were harvested (1000+) along with many pounds of potatoes, tomatilloes, groundcherries and edamame. We cleaned up multiple areas and fed lots of veggies to the appreciative chickens. Overall, very positive (except when our dog Rye snatched the last muffin of of Penelope's little hands). Lew's guacamole and Grace's wontons were eaten at record speed! Thanks for all the delicious contributions to the meal.

Thanks for coming out and we look forward to next month. 
October brings roots harvest and garlic planting!

note: penelope's muffin, before Rye came along!


share details-2nd wk of september

Did you see that knockout moon last night? And now a glorious sunny day.
rainbow chard-great with eggs
CUCUMBERS, for fresh eating or quick pickles
EDAMAME (green soybeans)
ONIONS-cut out soft spot


YEAH FOR EDAMAME! These delicious beans are available for a short picking window only. They fill out their pod and are best eaten in this green state. Your can eat them freshly boiled and salted OR pop out of inedible pod and add beans to another dish. We enjoyed the test harvest last night. You'll be receiving the entire plant. You're welcome to strip the pods off the stalks right at the farm and toss the plant matter into the compost pile by the barn. The labor for us would be far too great to pick everybody's pods off, but we hope you savor the opportunity to interact with this protein rich plant and enjoy its versatility.
edamame pulled off their stalks
edamame-boiled 6 minutes and popped out of pod


garden morning-sept. 13th

 The monthly garden morning is nearly upon us! We hope to see you there. The final garden morning on October 11th and the gardens will look very different then. Come take part in group activities while the garden bursts forth with green (as fall frost has not arrived).

 WHO: littleGrasse shareholders & friends
WHAT: group morning in the garden with potluck to follow
WHEN: Saturday Sept. 13th  9am, with potluck at noon
WHERE: share barn at 309 Miner Street Road

Reminder: No on street parking if we can avoid it. First cars park on grass at edges of driveway in barnyard. If that's full, there's space at the farmhouse next door at 307 Miner St. There will be a lot of cars, please park smartly. Carpooling & biking encouraged!


share details-start of september

Welcome to all the fall shareholders beginning pickup this week! It was great seeing most of you on this past sunny Saturday during the farm orientation. In the barn today all are welcome to grab a FARM INFOSHEET. Pop it up on your fridge for the household to peruse and refer to. Thanks to our diligent apprentice Emily Penna for her work putting that together.
hungarian hot wax pepper
share offering:
CUCUMBERS-yellow & green
hungarian HOT WAX PEPPER 
red zeppelin ONIONS (cut out soft spots)
SUMMER SQUASH-a mix of varieties including patty pan
summer squash: zephyr, patty pan, sunbeam

 'Pride comes before the fall.'
  Many of you have likely heard that phrase before. It rang through my head this past week when we realized that our beautiful onion crop has been compromised by something that is not allowing it to cure for long-term storage. It may be the leek moth that's been spreading through the region in recent years. Anyhow, the onions we are distributing have edible and non-edible sections. We are offering them 'as you like.' So take several and cut out the soft sections. Better that than discard hundreds of pounds of them. We have been grading the varieties into three classes: the worst (discard immediately), somewhat compromised (distribute sooner) and best. We'll save the best for last and hope some bulbs have been spared. 
dino kale & red zeppelin onions
And yet, there is much bounty to celebrate. Happy cooking!


youngest member of the farm


While it may take a while before you are weeding with the determination of your brother Calvin, we can't wait to see you around the farm.
Very best to Jenny and Ethan.


share details- last week of august

Another beautiful morning here in the fields. Amazingly, it may shape up to be the hottest day of the summer!

share offering:
purple BOK CHOY 
 The onions in today's share have slight bruises on them. They are still edible and delicious. The tender parts can be cut out. As this bruising does not allow them to store long-term, we're distributing them now while they are fairly intact.
The bok choy offered today is the result of thinning a tightly planted bed. We plan to offer full sized heads later in the fall after they mature and fill in the spaces in the row left after we thinned this morning. Two harvests in one bed! Delicious in stir fries.

Next week is the first distribution of our Fresh, Fall share!  You'll likely see some new faces around the fields or share barn. These participants will be receiving the same veggies as the full season, but have signed on solely for the final 8 weeks of the distribution season. Hopefully you'll have the opportunity to introduce yourself and help folks feel welcome as new and returning members of the CSA. There are two orientation opportunities for new members this Saturday, 11am-noon or 4-5pm.