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little Grasse is a garden project that feeds Canton area residents. Our CSA (community supported agriculture), encourages a meaningful connection with the foods you consume daily. This naturally grown food will be distributed weekly via an interactive share in quantities that will significantly impact our shareholders diets. Conveniently located a mile from downtown, we require member involvement in the garden during the growing season. Our base share is vegetables and we also offer an additional share of meat (pork, chicken, duck). We welcome all people genuinely interested in gaining more knowledge of food issues and gardening skills.


Garden stroll and POTLUCk this saturday!

We were planting peas this time last year. And as much as we'd love that this weekend,  much is still covered in snow and/or frozen. There are not tasks for a large group. As a result, no work in the morning!  Instead we'll change up the pace a little with a farm walk at 11:15am and an outdoor potluck meal to begin at noon. It'll be a chance to catch up with one another and let new and potential members get a sense of the place. We're making a chickpea dish. You're welcome to contribute any dish or beverage as simple or complex and you'd like. 

This year the potluck's are open to members and non-members alike. So bring a dish and join us!

11:00am stroll to all the littleGrasse fields

noon: POTLUCK & DISCUSSION: 'WHY CSA?' Returning members are encouraged to share their experiences with CSA while new members have a chance to talk about what drew them to littleGrasse and CSA. Farmers Bob & Flip will share their motivations as well.

NO ON STREET PARKING: Park in barnyard at 309 Miner St.
Dutchess field still under snow


Back in the Gardens


We're looking optimistically towards April. Come all to share time in the fields & a meal. Whether you are already a member, curious about becoming one or simply looking to socialize,         Bring in the springtime with us.

WHO: littleGrasse shareholders and friends
WHAT: group morning in the garden with potluck to follow
WHEN: Saturday April 9am-1pm
WHERE: share barn at 309 Miner Street Road

No on street parking. Park in barnyard at edges of the driveway. If that's full, there should be space at the farmhouse next door at 307 Miner. We may eat inside or outside depending on the weather.

garden morning last spring


to our shareholders

 coming soon to an actual mailbox near you


SUNDAY FEB 9th event

Snow & Fire at littleGrasse

We're having to have a big fire near the barn this Sunday. Flip's turning 33! Drop in for socializing and/or a x-country ski/walk/snowshoe around the farm and park.  There will be tea, cocoa and popcorn provided and you're welcome to bring other snacks to share. 

Will cancel if there's high winds or super cold temps.It's been iffy trying to actually plan ahead on this with the weather this winter.

1pm-4PM (a drop-in situation)
optional: snacks to share AND skis/snowshoes
A group will head into the woods at 2:30 to do whatever the snow allows
All ages welcome. (even if we don't have a good sled hill)
let's burn some brush!



 The freezing point never felt so balmy. I'm feeling high as a a kite today, what with it being 45 degrees warmer than yesterday and the sun shining.

Next weekend is the 2nd of 4 walking/running races in Canton called the Frozen Foote. It's a 4 mile course, quite flat, all on Miner Street. There are many of you who are already familiar with them and have likely run or walked in them before. Well, I'm hoping to drum up some folks who would like to get out there and walk it. I'll be at Appleton next Saturday the 11th at 9:30 am with our dog Rye, ready to roll. Come a couple minutes beforehand to sign in. We're planning to keep a steady 4 mi/hr clip. Do you have an hour to spare for some conversation and exercise?

WHAT: Frozen Foote WALK/RUN
TIME: WALKING 9:30am  RUNNING 10:30am
WHERE: Appleton hockey arena @ SLU
WHY: embracing outdoors in winter
COST: $2 for single race, $5 for series
              (awarded long sleeve short if you complete at least 3 of 4 races)

The walkers are all spread out as they start at varying times. It'd be fun to get a group starting together. Last month there were around 30 walkers and 90 runners.

Link to Northern Runner



holiday wishes

Folks have inevitably dispersed all over to be with family and friends. Perhaps the icy weather has altered the travel plans. We are thankfully not traveling. At the farm we have not (yet) lost power, though many others are without electricity and subsequently water and heat. We hope that households have the basic essentials until the weather clears. It's looking like this ice storm won't be as devastating as the ice storm of 1998, which left thousands of households without power for two plus weeks.

Wishing everybody a safe, relaxing holiday season.



so much singing saturday

Hannah, Dan & Flip will be singing this weekend. Both spots have great perks (and are free). The TAUNY event is close and during a fun open house featuring lots of gingerbread houses made by community members. The afternoon event is in a beautifully restored building in Heuvelton. And for the gift giver in us all, both are part of, 'folk stores,' with locally made items.

There’s TWO chances this Saturday to hear holiday singing with a shape note twist. 

Saturday December 7th, 'Vocal Skies' Sacred Harp singing group will sing a collection of 18th and 19th century Christmas Hymns.  Sacred Harp, sometimes called 'Shape-Note' singing is a traditional form of group or community singing. The songs are based on the melodies, harmonies and texts of early settlers. It is ordinarily not a performing tradition, but a shared form of social singing where participants sing facing one another without the aid of any instrument beside their voices. Because it was intended for amateur singers who were singing worship music, it has a very powerful and raw sound with unusual rhythms and harmonies. Come take a journey into the sounds of Christmas Seasons long past.

 1. TAUNY (Traditional  Arts in Upstate New York)
      53 Main Street
      Saturday December 7th at 11:30am
             -during their holiday Open House

2. Pickens Hall & General Store (2nd floor)
    83 State Street
    Saturday December 7th 3:30-4:30pm

links for TAUNY and Pickens.