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Garden Update

hi folks,

by now you all can see that the green beans are on.
that can only mean one thing, that the tomatoes are not that far off.
so far this season we have no sign of blight and plenty of fruit forming on the vines.

all of the late brassicas are in the ground and under row cover.
thanks to all that pitched in under short notice.

the late potatoes have had their second hilling.
these plants are in the front field on your right as you enter the park.
as for the early potatoes, we will begin digging and distributing them in the coming weeks.

the bulk of the fall storage roots are planted, the balance along with all of the fall greens and asian vegetables will be going in the ground over the next couple of weeks.

the shallots and garlic are very close to being ready.
we will start by harvesting and distributing the shallots next week with the garlic to follow there after.
as will be the case for all storage crops, those of you in for the whole year share will receive your share of the  garlic and shallots all at once. we will provide post harvest handling and curing instructions with each crop.

please note that the blog has a link for many a recipe.
they are categorized by vegetable and include some of the more obscure veggies and their parts less
familiar to some.

we hope you are all enjoying your shares and look forward to any feedback.
see ya' in the garden


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