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august goodies

The tomatoes are right around the corner.  As of yet, our plants look healthy and there is all manner and shape of green fruits hanging on the vine.  We will divvy them up as they come in.  There are 8 varieties of slicers in the ground, 3 types of cherries and I think 6 varieties of paste.  Depending on the year it may be the Glacier (Swedish) that shine or Black Prince (Siberia) or Soldacki (Polish).  You can likely sense a theme; the majority are meant for northern climes with brief growing season like ours.  This wide assortment gives us a bit of insurance if some prove less vigorous or fall prey to a bad year.

The fresh shares will receive their share in amounts to be eaten within the week. The year round shares will get weekly slicers IN ADDITION to bulk amounts in order to juice, can, dry or sauce them up as you wish.  We will rotate through each of the year round families and weekly one family will receive the majority of the harvest for putting up.  If anyone wants to do group processing, let us know. One of the best favorite greatest treasures from last year was dehydrated tomatoes steeped (for months) in oil with salt and garlic. 

Remember to give up a heads up if you're going out of town- so we can distribute the harvest appropriately.

ALSO: Rosa and Chris passed along this North Indian spiced fennel and cabbage dish: http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipes/10847. Sounds mouth watering.  The addition they made was some of the scape oil that they put up earlier in the season.  You could also opt for some fresh garlic.  Keep this recipe in mind.  Though we've harvested all the spring planted fennel, we have bulbs sizing up in the field for fall distribution.

The garlic is all harvested!  Look forward to a group planting in October of our seed for next year's harvest.

Be seeing you all soon,

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