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last tomato hurrah? yes, indeed.

So here we are.  made it to late September with a healthy batch of tomatoes.  We have sandwiched, juiced, roasted and sauced for weeks. There are a couple favorite varieties for me, prolly the main one being green zebra.  When the shoulders are full-on yellow, the taste is very very cool.
ANYHOW, looks as if our plants are dying off fast.  Likely blight.  Which is not unusual at this point in the season, especially with the rain we've had lately.   During this Friday's harvest, we'll be stripping down the plants of both ripe fruit and mature green fruit.  Whoever wants some can pick up a box of them Friday afternoon.  Lay them out in your house or some spot that won't drop below 50 degrees. The ripening process will likely take a couple weeks.  The warmer the spot, that faster that process will happen.  This goes for fresh slicing tomatoes as well as paste tomatoes.  Checking them regularly will allow you to eat them as they ripen and cull any that have begun to spoil.

I don't have much cooking experience with green tomatoes, but many cuisines use them. You've got your fried green, some salsas, jams, and green tomato pie.  Some searching around will yield lots of ideas.

You can also make salsa or sauce and freeze it instead of canning.
E-mail us if you want a share of these.  
Anyone want to come by in the morning Friday and help pick?  That'd be great.  

adios for now, flip

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