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tenacious dirt

Afternoon all:

As you may have noticed, the post-flood soil on the veg is stubborn.  We've started to wash the majority of the foods as they come out of the garden.  The bunching plants (cabbage, bok choy, celery)- ones that grow united from a central crown, keep some soil trapped at their base where the plant matter meets on the bottom.  For this, a more in-depth home washing is in order.  This is what we do:
cut above crown so leaves fall away from base
immerse in water and rub clean

The celery has been the most stubborn.  We really enjoy it fresh or frozen, so it's been worth cleaning it up.  The stalks get sweeter and more mild closer to the core.  A cloth will help get inside the spines that need cleaning. 

It's an extra step, but this fresh food won't be around much longer.


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