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Flood and Distribution Update

 Good Morning Folks,

Well the excitement is over and the clean up begins. The 5 plus inches of rain that fell on Thursday
hit us very hard. Over the course of Thursday night and Friday the river inundated all of the garden and most of Taylor Park with a couple of feet of water, more in some places.
 Our three not so "little" pigs had to be evacuated from the park to higher ground then eventually off the property all together. Many thanks to the 5 SLU students, Filippi-Dingman clan and Matt Mcguire for coming to our aid. In short we needed to capture the very confused and frightened pigs from their area and literally swim them out about a couple of hundred yards to an awaiting enclosure. Needless to say none of us had done this before so it was quite an experience for sure.

As for the veggies, the water has mostly subsided but we are left with a soggy, muddy mess. To give you an idea, the distribution shed had a least a foot of water in it,  floating buckets, baskets and bags were waiting to float out the door upon entry.
 We have given considerable thought as to how to proceed from here and this is what we have come up with. We will resume harvesting on Tuesday morning (tomorrow) for all of the members (Tuesday and Friday included).
Since we missed Friday's distribution and we are sitting on a bunch of squash that we need to move out of the way, for tomorrow only everyone will have food to be picked up.
The Friday folks will also have a pick up on Friday, hopefully this will have us back on track.

Because of the high water we are going to make some changes to the post harvest handling of the produce. While we are not sure what came floating down river we want to take every precaution in washing the food thoroughly before consumption.
Because of the lack of fresh water at the park we will harvest the veggies and bring them into town for a good washing before making them available to you. Once you get them home we recommend that you do the same.

- So, from now on all of the distribution will take place at 27 Lincoln St.
For both the Tuesday and Friday shareholders the veggies will be ready for pick up anytime after 3pm on the front porch.
- For tomorrow only both the Tuesday and Friday members will have produce to pick up.

As this adventure unfolds we will keep you in the loop.

In the near future will be be planting the garlic and shallots, we will let you know the plan
in case you are interested in helping out.
Further, we will be in touch with the Fresh share folks about switching over to bi-weekly distribution.

We welcome your thoughts, suggestions and comments.

Stay tuned in.

be well,

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