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more retrospection and feedback

Evening everyone:
Did you get something from us in the mail in the last week? Hopefully so. It's time to get feedback from you about this year and give a little glimpse of what's to come in 2011. E-mail back straitaway if you need a copy.

Now we're at a moment (both grower and shareholder), to ask ourselves what we appreciated about this past season and if there were any sticking points.  In the best case scenario, we will have communicated back and forth clearly, so everyone understood what was expected of them and what they would receive in return. 

To address the feedback intro that we sent last week, a central reason we are leaning towards year-round shares exclusively is to create an even plane amongst the shareholders.  With both Fresh and Year-round shares a question is born. 'Who deserves what food, and how much of it?'  Without the Fresh/Year round distinction the question simplifies to, 'How much seed needs to be planted to feed everyone the best we can?' The effects of this distinction has become clearer to us throughout the past year.  Only with the group engaged equally can we find out what our and the lands limitations are and more importantly our mutual potential.  Each month we learn more of the lands dynamics which has also shaped our shifting perspective.
This ag model (CSA- community supported agriculture), is increasingly available in St. Lawrence County.  This further encourages us to go right to the edge and offer an experience for Canton area residents that is not available otherwise, be it in the North Country or elsewhere.
* an immersion in eating locally year round
* wide diversity of organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers
* hands-on experience in the garden
* ample food to store, can, freeze, dry, ferment
* potlucks/networking/community building
* practical information sharing
In the future we can see more sharing of tips between members, group canning efforts, value added food, protein options, and continued improvements in infrastructure allowing us the ability to host community events.

We had no intentions of sounding short when describing our inclinations of next year.  And socially, we would not want to lose any of this group due to ramping up our mission.  But it is important that you ask yourselves some questions too:
1. Do I like the inclinations of littleGrasse?
2. Do I have the enthusiasm and energy to devote to the work, social and food aspects of 
    the CSA?
3. Is it worth it to me, or are they just asking TOO DAMN MUCH!?

That's entirely possible.  Our efforts are not intended to be heavy-handed so much as forge towards something new.  We want to hear your feedback either positive or negative.  As time goes on, I'm beginning to understand that it's not what you say, it's how you say it. We're open to meeting in person as well.

It was a pleasure.  Look forward to hearing back by Dec.22nd.
Flip and bob

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