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Spring Awakening

Greetings Folks,

Well it sure is nice to shake off ol’ man winter and welcome in the longer days and extended sunlight. Our days, and even some nights, have been steamy with sap boiling and working in and around the share barn. The sap was really flowing gang buster’s earlier in the week. We set 30 taps along Miner St, 3 groups of 10.
Now we can collect along our usual route to the farm. Going from a winter of minimal cycling to collecting a trailer full of sap has been a good wake up call. Besides making maple syrup we’ve also set up 3 gallons of maple wine and 12 gallons of maple vinegar! 

The forecast for the next week looks bright and sunny with cool nights, perfect for another sap run.  One of the beauties of boiling sap is that it allows for multitasking. This’ll give us the chance to open up new ground and continue on the barn improvements.

With this in mind we wanted to invite everyone out this Saturday (april 2nd) for a gathering to re unite and ease into the 2011 season. We plan on being out of doors and working on one or more of the many tasks on our list.
We will start at 9:30 and share a warm meal by 12:30ish.
We plan on providing a soup or stew. If you’d like to bring a side that would be great.

Keep your eyes peeled for tips about clothes
to wear on garden days and more.

Be well,
bob and flip

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