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'you spin me right round'

What an EXTREME April.  

We're amidst a jigsaw of rain, wind and sun- trying to fit our pieces of the puzzle (seeding, fencing, landscaping), inside this ever changing frame.  As long as the rain shares the stage with the sun, we'll make out okay.  I hear murmurings that it's a la niña year.  If so and the summer brings wetness, we'll be thankful that our various plots (down at the river and up at the road), give some versatility.  

Here's the brassicas and lettuces, happily growing out at Carolyn's. 
Then there's the water creeping around the borders of our riverside garden, hinting at trouble.                                                 

view into park from garden

How about some bright, sweaty sun eh?!  -flip-

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  1. Actually this afternoon in Colton it was pretty warm as I cut firewood. The sun was out. The plants that we started at Birdsfoot are doing pretty good on the "sun porch". Hope that the soil warms up someday so we can transplant.