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they're PINK and they're HOT

beatin' the heat

Afternoon folks:

Time to welcome in this season's piglets.  There are 6, and they're lazing in the shade a stone's throw away (internet in the barn, imagine that).  We got 'em from a farmer out on rt.68, who also grows grains/soy/corn for regional farmers.  SO we're be able to source what grain the hogs do eat, from nearby.  Our pre-order for the Tamworths (breed we had last season), fell through.  The farmer had many less piglets for sale than he'd anticipated.  These guys are a cross between Chesire Whites and Hampshires.  Their permanent paddock will be in the woods, and they'll be rotated through the pasture by the potatoes.  You can watch their progress, and feel free to bring any and all veg/ fruit scraps.   Their diet will be a mix of grain, grass, green garden waste/ organic matter, the byproduct apple pressing (mark) and tofu making (okara). 
We'll be e-mailing you within the week about details of the first distribution (starting Tu June 21st).

It's sticky and I'm heading to the river.
cousin michael building shade shed for pigs
adapting to new home

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