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Tu 21st+Fri 24th - Come on DOWN

General info for littleGrasse distribution days:
barn phone: 379-9176

*at barn on Miner Street, driveway directly before the Taylor Park entrance on left.
*bring bags, boxes, containers, etc... to put your produce into.  We strive to minimize unnecessary NEW plastic purchases (bags and such), thus we'll NOT be individually packing greens.   Bring whatever you'd like your veggies to be packed in.
*The blackboard will list all produce for the week, and the amounts allotted to each individual share. Households with multiple shares will multiply accordingly.
*lettuce and perishables will be in individually marked coolers
*heartier produce will be out on display (with a scale to weigh it out).
*eggs, tofu/tempeh will be in the fridge
*when you cannot make a pickup, just tell us and send a friend in your place.  If needed you can switch your pickup day during a particular week.
*there's an informal lending area for books on food preservation/herbs/foraging/ seed saving etc...
*you're welcome to walk around the gardens and watch the progression of the season.

Sneak peak: kale, head lettuce, basil, garlic scapes, radishes and more.
*The season has been sluggish to start.  The earlier distributions will generally be heavier in greens. This will balance out as the carrots, beans, and such come on.  

We'll be around the first couple pickups to familiarize people with the system and answer questions.  It'll be nice to see everyone.   It's a new transition to the open produce display.  If you have suggestions to make it clearer, without adding alot of bagging on our end, speak up.

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