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custom APPLE pressing at the barn

Do you know that we're regularly making cider at the barn? Some of the apples are ours (from the Dutchess tree that folks had a chance to eat in their shares a couple weeks back), and others are brought to us.  You or anyone you know can bring us apples to be made into cider.
Here's how it works:
* 2 bushel minimum, the press can handle up to 5 bu at a time
* no $ exchanged, we just split the fresh cider
*bring a container for your share of the juice (average is 1-2 gal. cider/bushel apples)
* you are NOT required to be part of the pressing, though you're welcome to
* we will press 1-2 times weekly 'til the apple supply dwindles
*you can pick from wild trees, your neighbors, or buy from a local orchard
*mixing multiple varieties is ok, and beneficial often flavor wise.

Besides fresh drinking, the juice may also be canned, frozen or fermented into hard cider or vinegar.
Spread the word.
As always, thank you.
Flip and Bob


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