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website input and permissions

We're progressing from a blog, to a more functional website.  This will be a resource that will allow you to find information a bit easier.

As we stride forward in building the site, there are some things we'd like from you.
1. IDEAS!- what information would you find helpful on the site?
     What came up last season where you thought, 'How can I find the answer to that?' 

2. PERMISSION!- the website will burst with photos.  Do we have your permission to use photos of you/your family on the site?  Or rather E-MAIL US IF YOU'D PREFER NOT to have photos published, which is A-okay with us. We were intending to publish pictures with first names only.

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  1. You guys are so comprehensive in all the things you do, I'm not sure I can offer any suggestions that would enhance your burgeoning website. I'm glad to help with proofreading or PR if that's helpful though! Chelle