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all the leaves are brown (and unbagged!)

What do you get when you mix 1,000 bags of leaves and 17 nordic skiiers?
DAMN fast leaf unbagging!
All- time records were broken here at littleGrasse this past Saturday morning when SLU athletes enthusiastically tackled our mountain of leaves from last fall. About 10 dump truck loads worth. 
(Admit it, you thought it would take longer!)
The task was knocked off right quick, and we enjoyed a mid-morning snacking.
the task at hand
the crew!
workin' it
sooooo many leaves
their trusty steeds

The leaves are now spread and ready to be fertilized by our summer chickens. Go organic matter go!
 before: winterized leaf bags
Um.... is this a bad time to mention the yet to be delivered spring cleanup leaves?!

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