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Grasse Hay

Hay, spoiled or otherwise, is something easily taken for granted. You can see it baled in the fields along almost every road in the county, it's fed to livestock and used as mulch in gardens.
The past couple days we have had hay in our hands and in our hearts.

Like past years our mulch hay has come from the Hatch Farm in Russell. Only this year the hay that will protect our crops, suppress our weeds and eventually add all important organic matter to our soils is some of the last baled by our fellow farmer and friend Paul Hatch.

Paul was accidentally killed in a hunting incident early last winter.
At just about the very same time, I was fortunate enough to take the life of a spike horned buck in one of our fields. I remember waking the next morning and reading the news, could these events really have happened just minutes, even seconds apart?
Paul's farming partner and widow Michelle will continue to farm the land, haying and raising high quality grass fed beef. Along with her nephew and other family and friends, she will continue to live out their dream and continue the adventure known as farming and life.

So, when you come to the garden and see the neatly mulched areas awaiting the vines and other crops,
think about how supporting us and using your money locally has a measurable impact on real people's lives. We paid for the mulch hay with your money and Michelle was able to make the final payment on Paul's funeral expenses.
Thank you Friends and Thank you Paul!

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