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the satisfaction of rain

planting the onions (5 varieties)
How incredible. We had the good fortune of 2 clear, sunny weekend days. At the Saturday garden morning our hands took some time getting warmed up, as we planted the onions.  It was a few beds in before I stopped focusing on the chill and began enjoying the task.  The group successfully put in ~5,000 starts.  They are a mix of sweet fresh types and storage varieties.  We watered them in with a high nitrogen 'tea,' which was llama manure (contributed by a member), steeped in water.  The solution is strained before applying to the field.   We had participants from toddlers to octogenarians. 

And what a potluck! You all set the bar pretty high for the first meal together.  Who's planning on matching the homemade Camembert  that was such a hit?!
wheel of camembert
The rain held off for Bob and I to ride out to visit my family for the rest of the weekend, which included garden work, an egg hunt (I'm not afraid to admit it. There were no kids there!) and delicious meal last evening.
fam in the garden easter day
eggs with plant based dyes
 Now to top it off, I wake up to the wet patter on the roof.  The rain is a welcome necessity for the onions, and it'll save us some early watering time.
Best to all.  We're in the garden most days besides Sunday, if you've got time to come and join us.

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