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king of the hay bale
Be honest, do you all leave the garden morning and take a big ol' nap?!
Enjoyed seeing everyone amidst a glorious sun, and much children chatter.
Speaking of, with all the stuff left today a 'lost and found,' box was born.
Mostly kids stuff: transformer like toy, lil' red coat and purple bag, as well as an adult's blue long sleeve shirt.
The prepared brassica beds look great, and if the forecast is right, we'll put in the plants late Monday afternoon.
After a great start, the fencing was completed during the afternoon shift.
Anyone who wants to plant broccoli and family, come anytime 4-7p.
delish salad at potluck lunch
peace, flip and bob

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  1. Thank you for the nice sunny morning in your garden and for the Wholeshare. I really enjoyed my antipasto with MitiBleu Cheese and Calamata olives. Btw., the transformer like toy is ours:)