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Distribution starts next week!

Distributions are on Tuesdays and Fridays 3-6:00p in the barn at 311 Miner Street.
We'll harvest, wash and set up the barn the morning of distribution.
The offerings will be light at first, and pick up in the coming weeks.

When picking up please remember:
* Check by your name on the sign-in sheet so we know you've come.
* Follow the signs by each vegetable, taking the appropriate amount.
   (if you have 2 shares, double the amounts of the sign)
* Any week you can't make it, it's your responsibility to e-mail us a heads up and/or find a substitute.

We'll be around to answer any questions and collect payment for those who are doing installments.

littleGrasse lending: one week loans on books from fermentation to herbals to cooking. Always sign out when lending, and return in good time for other members to enjoy.

Look for an e-mail shortly reminding you of your day, and your account details.
enjoy the weekend,
flip and bob
seed potatoes from storage bursting to be planted!
(they're in the ground now.)

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  1. It amuses me that your distributions are starting the same week as the distributions from our CSA here in Southcentral Alaska. I had thought that with our record breaking year for snow and cool early June you would be way ahead of us. Just goes to show how fast plants can grow with almost 20 hours of daylight!