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you-pick tips

Our first distribution is a couple weeks off yet, but there's still very tasty greens in the gardens now for great saladings or stir fries.

Are you interested in coming out to pick? Here's what you do:
* Come at a time that works for you, ideally with ample time you won't be rushed.
* No need to call or contact us ahead of time. If you want to come when we're around 9a-1p is a good bet.
* Stop in at the barn to pick up some scissors or a knife from the black shelf just inside the door. There's also bags in the huge wicker basket.
* Scan the fields for white posts with an orange streamer tied to it.  These mark the current you pick offerings.
*Harvest enough for a meal or two for you and your household.  Unless noted by a special e-mail, most you-picks are meant for fresh eating, rather than larger quantities for freezing.
* Leave the area as you found it.  Namely, if the gauzy white row cover is over a bed when you find it, then re-cover the area when you've finished.

Keep in mind, there's three types of field crops:
1. ones where the edible portion is the entire plant and it's harvested just once like head lettuce, garlic, carrots...
2. ones that bear fruit and are picked throughout their mature season like tomatoes, peas, tomatilloes....
3. ones called, 'cut and come again,' like spinach, arugula, mixed greens, parsley....
Be aware of what type veg it is when you harvest it because that effects how it's picked.  For example, there's 2 marked crops in the field for picking right now.  A bed of 3 varieties of head lettuce (one time harvest) and a bed of mixed greens (cut and come again).  When harvesting the mixed greens be sure to cut ABOVE the crown at the base of the plant.  This is where the next round of greens emerges from for the following harvest.  If we're around, we can answer any harvesting questions you have.
white post with orange streamer marking a you-pick area

Come out and get your picking on! 
We've been mixing greens with rice or quinoa or wheatberries, and toasting up sunflower seeds for some killer salads.

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