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onion info

Hi there folks:
We're pulling the onions over the next week.
We planted 5 varieties:
2 are meant for fresh summertime eating (Ailsa Craig and Spanish Sweet)
3 are meant to be cured for long-term storage into the fall and winter (Copra, Red Zeppelin and Red Wing).  The Fresh Shares will be receiving just the short term storage onions for now, while the year round shares will get those in addition to the storage onions.
spanish sweet

Curing onions for long-term storage is essentially allowing the outer layers to dry and thus protect the inner layers.  String them up or lay them out in a ventilated place (screens work well), out of direct sunlight.  Depending on your house, this space may be found on a covered porch, garage or mudroom.  They're not overwhelmingly aromatic (to me anyhow!), so a spot inside your home could work as well.  Ensure it's not too hot.  If you're laying them out, flip them every few days to allow all sides access to the air.  Once they're dry (approx 2 weeks), move them into a mesh bag or shallow box.  After that they should be prepared to keep for several months in a dry place that's not subject to big temperature fluctuations. Keep in mind, they're a perishable food, so go through them regularly and use up the ones that are softening or sprouting.

Here's a couple pics of the garden morning today.
You thinned like champions even tho it was already into the 80's when we began.
flip and bob

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