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County Meeting this Thursday!

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WHO: St. Lawrence County Planning Board
WHAT: Monthly meeting
WHEN: 7pm on Thursday April 11th
WHERE: 18 Elm Street Potsdam
(between Sandstone Realty and Purple Rice)
WHY: hearing the recommendations of the County Planners in regards to the two local laws about chickens and CSA's that the Canton is considering

Agenda for meeting:
1. Public Forum: (up to an hour) All the Towns in the County will have a chance to speak in front of the County Planners about misc issues.  Someone from our group can ask, 'I have a comment on the Proposed amendments for the Town of Canton, would it be appropriate to mention this now or should I wait until the discussion of the issue?'
2. Project Review (there are two, one is ours)
  • Jason Pfotenhauer from the County Planning Office will present the Staff Review. This is his office's analysis and recommendations to the Board in regards to these two proposed laws. They are basically looking at it like, 'what are the county wide impacts of these laws?'
  • The County Planning Board will discuss the issue and ask Jason clarifying questions (not our time to comment)
  • The public will have a chance to comment (the time may be limited since it's not an official hearing and is not required by law)
  • The County Planning Board will vote on whether they accept the Staff Recommendation.  They can make alterations before voting. The Board has the opportunity conditionally approve or offer suggestions. Conditionally approve means the Town has to have a super majority to go against it. Something would be a condition if it has negative county wide impacts. A suggestion is just that, and does not require the Town Board's compliance.
 3. Reports from various committees

Let's keep it civil. As this is not a public hearing, they are not required to hear our comments. If there gets to be really heated discussion among members of the crowd, the County Board can silence us and move on. Writing down our own statements is a helpful way to stay on topic and address all our concerns. The circulating petition is meant for next month's Town meeting, but we've had overwhelmingly positive response from the households in these Town residential zones so far.

See you there!

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