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so much singing saturday

Hannah, Dan & Flip will be singing this weekend. Both spots have great perks (and are free). The TAUNY event is close and during a fun open house featuring lots of gingerbread houses made by community members. The afternoon event is in a beautifully restored building in Heuvelton. And for the gift giver in us all, both are part of, 'folk stores,' with locally made items.

There’s TWO chances this Saturday to hear holiday singing with a shape note twist. 

Saturday December 7th, 'Vocal Skies' Sacred Harp singing group will sing a collection of 18th and 19th century Christmas Hymns.  Sacred Harp, sometimes called 'Shape-Note' singing is a traditional form of group or community singing. The songs are based on the melodies, harmonies and texts of early settlers. It is ordinarily not a performing tradition, but a shared form of social singing where participants sing facing one another without the aid of any instrument beside their voices. Because it was intended for amateur singers who were singing worship music, it has a very powerful and raw sound with unusual rhythms and harmonies. Come take a journey into the sounds of Christmas Seasons long past.

 1. TAUNY (Traditional  Arts in Upstate New York)
      53 Main Street
      Saturday December 7th at 11:30am
             -during their holiday Open House

2. Pickens Hall & General Store (2nd floor)
    83 State Street
    Saturday December 7th 3:30-4:30pm

links for TAUNY and Pickens.

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