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welcome to our guest blogger

If you've read either of the last two posts (both with recipes) then you've already seen the handiwork of our apprentice Emily Penna. She'll be working to give you timely information regarding details of your shares and ideas about how to use the ingredients. This is a welcome addition for us and it will free Bob and I up to share other kinds of information like field updates and philosophical CSA musings! The newest apprentice, Lauren just moved in this past weekend and I hear she's big into Moroccan cooking. You may see her in these pages in the future.

As always, we welcome your recipe ideas to add to the diversity of tastes and cooking styles represented. You can email them to us directly or share comments on the blog in response to Emily's posts.

We hope you've enjoyed the start of harvest season as much as we have. Coming soon in the share room are carrots and summer squash!

FYI: Yes, pickup is on for tomorrow July 4th.
nest in the hops house

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