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share details-start of september

Welcome to all the fall shareholders beginning pickup this week! It was great seeing most of you on this past sunny Saturday during the farm orientation. In the barn today all are welcome to grab a FARM INFOSHEET. Pop it up on your fridge for the household to peruse and refer to. Thanks to our diligent apprentice Emily Penna for her work putting that together.
hungarian hot wax pepper
share offering:
CUCUMBERS-yellow & green
hungarian HOT WAX PEPPER 
red zeppelin ONIONS (cut out soft spots)
SUMMER SQUASH-a mix of varieties including patty pan
summer squash: zephyr, patty pan, sunbeam

 'Pride comes before the fall.'
  Many of you have likely heard that phrase before. It rang through my head this past week when we realized that our beautiful onion crop has been compromised by something that is not allowing it to cure for long-term storage. It may be the leek moth that's been spreading through the region in recent years. Anyhow, the onions we are distributing have edible and non-edible sections. We are offering them 'as you like.' So take several and cut out the soft sections. Better that than discard hundreds of pounds of them. We have been grading the varieties into three classes: the worst (discard immediately), somewhat compromised (distribute sooner) and best. We'll save the best for last and hope some bulbs have been spared. 
dino kale & red zeppelin onions
And yet, there is much bounty to celebrate. Happy cooking!

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