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Year-end survey summary

Greetings All,
We are sharing some of the survey results in black. In red are responses from us.

Top 6 favorite vegetables in order
1. carrots
2. garlic
4. kale
5. potatoes
6. onions
This is much as we had expected and are all vegetables that we consider staples of the CSA and thus try to offer regularly. We will continue to plant an abundance of all these crops and distribute them as much of the season as we are able to.

Least favorite vegetables
1. Kohlrabi
2. Pie Pumpkins
3. Dill
While the kohlrabi was not a total surprise, the pie pumpkins certainly were! It was a bountiful year for pumpkins. Think beyond the pie is our suggestion. These can be used in many entrees and will store at room temperature. We will plant more squash in proportion to pumpkins next season. We only gave out dill and kohlrabi two times and do not plan either into our projected rotation as regular items to distribute. That said, we made some totally killer quick pickles combining the two .

Multiple shareholders mentioned their difficulty getting to the farm to participate due to busy schedules.
We understand that is a challenge for some and hope that does not outweigh the benefits of involvement in the farm.  We feel intensely grateful and awed each time a garden morning comes to a close. It's a lovely, bustle of activity and seeing the participation from you all is truly great. Together we all create a strong future for local diversified agriculture.

A couple shareholders mentioned in their surveys that it did not seem like 1 share was enough for their entire household. 
We'd like to remind families that whenever possible, one share per adult in the household is the best option in terms of adequate food for you and financial security for us (different calculations for college students). This allows us to distribute items As You Like, without worrying about the fairness to individual households who have invested differently.  If you believe in the farm philosophy and the food produced here, we hope you can find it in your budget to level the playing field in regards to shares while increasing our economic viability. 

Over 95% of respondents rated they were, 'very satisfied,' with the quantity and quality of vegetables received in the share. The survey noted 100% satisfaction with our communications to you.
We do strive to provide open clear communication. If ever you have suggestions for potential improvements, do not hesitate to suggest ideas.
Assorted shareholder memorable moments:

We especially appreciated the experience of garden mornings and being part of the farm community.

Making a delicious, complex dish in which every major ingredient was locally sourced!  

I looked forward to each Friday and the surprise of what fresh vegetables I would be getting. I loved the warm, welcoming feeling of the barn and how easy it was to understand the process. 

Being able to feed the pigs and chickens, and hang out with them and the ducks, and know that all the meat I'll eat this year came from happy animals who lived a good life.

Having fresh edamame and seeing the whole plant.  

When my mother visited and it happened to be a garden morning day, so she came with me and I got to show her, basically, what I think is the essence of what's best and loveliest about living in this area--the sense of community and connection with the natural world, among other things.

Making my first strawberry rhubarb crisp! 

The party in the spring for the greenhouse was my most memorable moment with regards to the farm this year. 

The September Garden Day. It was my first time working on a farm, and I was able to share this moment with all of my housemates! 

Looking down the row of planted garlic and knowing there is another year of growth.   

dorothy harvesting peanuts

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