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You-Pick Greens Share begins!

New this year is a you-pick greens share. It's an optional addition to extend the local eating season by four weeks on both ends of distribution. A few households have signed up and we look forward to freshening up some meals over the next month before regular distribution begins.

Things to keep in mind if you've signed up for a share:
* There are bags, knives and scissors in the barn. Always return the harvest tools to where you found them (on the black bookshelf just inside the door). 
* If you have not harvested before or are unclear, let's do it together the first time. In terms of this week, we will be out Friday and Saturday mornings if you'd like to come then. Otherwise, email us an we'll schedule a time.
* Pick from beds marked with the orange flags. There may be other beds nearby that look appealing, but please refrain from picking a bed until it is marked. There will be at least two different greens (as well as herbs) marked on any given day. 

* The whiteboard in the barn will also list which greens are currently available as well as which field they can be found in.
* This share is intended for your immediate family. It is not a free pass to harvest for individuals not in your household.
* Harvest during the daylight hours only
*We're open to feedback. In this pilot year, we welcome information from you about your experience with the share.

As always, you're welcome to email questions to us.

Now available:
greens: arugula
            head lettuce-variety, Speckled Trout!
herbs: oregano, marjoram, lemon balm

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