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Spring 2010

* distribution on Tuesday or Friday
* optional delivery by bike and trailer in Canton
* minimum 3 hour monthly work requirement w/ benefit of hands-on learning and socializing
* diversity of pick your own: including flowers, herbs and additional greens

Each share should satisfy the food needs of an individual adult. Households with 2 adults would generally opt for 2 shares, especially if they have children.
in season share

runs roughly mid June to mid November with 14 weekly and 4 biweekly distributions
This diverse share will meet the weekly vegetable needs of an individual throughout the growing season here in the North Country. Each week our shareholders will receive a mixture of foods available at that time in the garden. The weekly allotments will begin around pea season, continuing through the harvest of all the hearty fall crops.
$320 per adult *$80 deposit required with 3 final payments of $80 to be paid by Sept 1.
+ $50 if you opt for Wednesday deliver
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includes fresh share plus storage and processing amounts for home preservation

runs roughly May 1st (with early u-pick greens) to November 20th (to the final fall pickdown)

This share is an immersion in eating locally year round. This share will follow the arc and evolution of the garden to include processing amounts and storage crops for winter consumption as well as the weekly shares of what’s in season that particular week. As the season gets rolling we will have u-pick available for lettuces and spinach on Saturdays 9-noon. Formal distribution will begin simultaneously with the fresh shares when we have a critical mass of veggies to fill the weekly basket (around mid June). It involves a greater commitment on the part of the shareholder, requiring a willingness to be proactive in preserving and storing the bounty for your winter food needs. We’re happy to offer advice and extra information about specific crops and ideas of how to put them up. The year round choice includes up to 3 food preservation workshops throughout the season that will cover canning, freezing and drying methods.

$600 per adult in family *$150 deposit req with 3 later payments of $150 to be paid by Sept 1
Your browser may not support display of this image. +$100 if you opt for Wednesday delivery

An active share that includes the benefits of a year round share for the fresh share price

The final option is an immersion into the production, processing and preservation of a locally produced diet. It’s an opportunity to learn a lot about subsistence gardening by shadowing us for a full season of work and conversation. This working share requires a minimum of 3 hours per week per person throughout the season from April to November. These shareholders have the chance to seed, maintain, harvest and chip in at the garden. This is limited to an enthusiastic handful of people.

$320 per adult *$80 deposit required with 3 final payments of $80 to be paid by Sept 1.
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