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wide eyed and (finally) wet

OH THE RAIN! It was incredibly excellent to wake to this morning. Clatter on metal, a favorite sound.  The dry nature of April had us feeling a bit twilight zone.  All this sunshine has kicked us into gear in a major way, allowing many hopeful winter plans to slip from concept to reality.  Namely, expanding the garden and getting regular cover crops in the rotation.  With great help, we landscaped a whole new area and got it fenced.  There's already potatoes and onions in the ground in this new spot, not to mention a dozen plus crops in the main garden.  We're running on the (somewhat) relentless vigor of long spring days towards future fruition.  The space transforms in noticeable ways daily.  We're spending loads of time in the garden. Come by for a visit or a morning of digging in. Tuesday and Friday mornings are a sure thing, and we encourage involvement on those days for now.


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