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Afternoon everybody.  This morning was our first organized harvest o' the season! It unfurled quite smoothly.  We had Laurie's extra hands picking peas and it was great.   We thought we'd drop a couple suggestions for the alliums in this weeks baskets, aka shallots and garlic scapes.  The scapes are the bag of curlicues, which we clip to promote bulb growth.  It's an often overlooked delight in the kitchen and is a substitute for garlic in any recipe.  The most tender part is used, about 3/4 of the curly, starting at the thick end and tossing the seed head out.  It's a one hit wonder yearly as we walk down the aisle and handle each stalk, snapping the scape off the top.  It's not taken advantage of in conventional food systems, which is a shame.  Additionally, they can be pureed en masse, mixed with oil and salt and frozen for future use.  It creates a slippery mixture that's  a simple beginning to any stir fry, soup or eggs.

And now for the shallots.  They are a root cellar holdover from last season.  They store incredibly well.  This year's crop will be dug during the middle to end of July.  They can be used fresh, though more commonly, they are cured and set aside for the leaner winter or spring months.  They are less tearful when you cut into them, more petite than onions and quite versatile.  Here's one way we like to use them.

Roasted shallot sauce
1 lb shallots
light olive oil
salt and pepper
2 tsp dijon
1/2 cup water or veg stock
vinegar (apple cider, balsamic, sherry...)

oven @ 375.
Halve and trim the shallots.
Toss in oil, add S+P
Roast them, covered for 30-35 min. until soft.
Puree with stock or water.
Put in a bowl and add all the other ingredients to taste.

Flavor improves the next day.  It works well tossed into vegetables.  Quite creamy with a pleasant sweetness.

Soon we'll have a sidebar with a collection of recipes.

P.S.  The peas in the basket are edible podded snow. A classic in stir fries.  The herb mixture includes fennel greens, basil, parsley and mint.

adios for now, bob and flip

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