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the gate, a work day and future scheming

mature mustard seed pods

The sun has shown up again this afternoon.  We enjoyed a long bike ride Sunday morning, getting thoroughly soaked.  Then promptly got inside, dry and settled.  Corn fritters and card games, that sort of thing.  It was great to enjoy the downtime yesterday that 3 inches of rain allowed.

The season down on the river has been awesome.  There has been a balance between working with each of you solo, in addition to larger groups in the garden simultaneously.  You’ve helped with everything from getting plants in the ground to cleaning seed for next year’s food supply.

lew cleaning mustard seed
Our cultivated space has many terrific advantages, and one glaring disadvantage.  THE TAYLOR PARK GATE.  It’s out of our hands, but the park and gate are closing for the season.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to open the gate when you arrive for your pickup.  You can keep it open ‘til you head back out.  It’s not ideal, but it’s a (temporary) sacrifice we’ve made to consolidate our living space, the share room and the garden.  At times people fake lock it, so you may find it that way. For future years, we’re talking about moving the share pickup space to a building up by Miner Street.  Just a reminder, the Hide-a-key is to the left of the gate coming in.  It’s inside a small magnetic black box.  Don’t let the gate deter you from COMING ON DOWN! 

Things we have up our sleeve (with details to come)

  • Big ol’ potluck in late Sept at shareholder’s house
  • Garlic planting in October
  • Group fermentation for year round shares in Oct: sauerkraut and/or kimchee
  • Season closer meal and meeting at our house in November

It’s a good time to get a couple hours of work and socializing in.  Starting at 8:30a with a lunch around noon.  Bring something to share!

Recipes to follow shortly,

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