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doug jones! and such

Morning all.  We're ready for pickup over here on 27.  We're headed out to the garden now for a soggy outdoor project.

One of the greens you'll be receiving today was bred by a founder of Birdsfoot, Doug Jones.  He lived in this area for many years, sharing his excitement about organic gardening.  It's called 'senposai select,' and is the thick, broad collard-esque looking one.  Here's what Fedco seeds had to say about it:
 A stabilized selection of interspecific hybrid Senposai by Doug Jones in North Carolina. Jones has rogued out non-typical leaf shapes, early bolters and weaker plants. We found it to be just a tad less tender than commercial Senposai, but much more bolt resistant. Inspired by the Restoring Our Seed project to explore his muse as a plant breeder, Jones presents us here with some good first fruits.
It's neat to see an old North Country dude, show up in the seed catalogues.

There's all manner of roots in your baskets today as well.   Turnips, rutabagas, daikon, carrots, black radish.  For the whole shares you may have multiple bags of carrots or beets.  Their graded by size, and the smaller ones can be eaten first, juiced or canned.  I'll attach my favorite canned carrot routine later on.

For now, adios- and enjoy the food,

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