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final distributions for the season

topping carrots

We're wrapping up the year on the river.  All in all, October was pretty damn mild.  It allowed us to get things out of the ground at a relatively sane pace.  There were no mad dashes mid-month due to severe weather.  Even last night the forecast was calling for 22 degrees.  I wish we'd had a Hi-Lo thermometer out in the field, because it seems the river buffered us and it didn't hit that low.  We'd left some test squares of various greens out, and the majority were still standing tall: spinach, chinese cabbage, lettuces, bok choy etc...  We had been expecting last night to be the final curtain call on a bunch of that stuff.

Next Friday November 12th will be the final pickup of the year.  All in all, there were 21 weeks of distribution for the fresh shares (as opposed to the 18 weeks we'd originally planned).  The whole shares were out picking greens 6 weeks before that. We'd intended to switch to bi-weekly pickups for fresh folks in October, but ample food was in the field so we opted to continue making it available.  This week the whole shares will be receiving more of their storage roots; which includes carrots and turnips.  

Who knows where the temperatures will go from here.  But as long as there are hardy greens in the garden, they will be available on a U-pick basis.  We're talking kale, collards, spinach and some lesser known greens.  The kale and collards are straight ahead when you walk in the front gate.  There is enough kale in there for some go-getters among you to get it and freeze it for winter soups and such.  Past and just in line with the shed.  If you prefer to pick when we're there, call or e-mail ahead of time.

We thank you all for joining us in this tremendous growing season.  Each one is different, and always eventful.

If you have any questions....
roots in the drain rack, that's a BLACK storage radish
And keep your ear to the ground about next Saturday's giving thanks CSA dinner over at Rosa and Chris's.

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