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May garden day

Hi all:
What has this rainfall been like for you?  How has it affected your life and work?

Everyday a new consequence of this rain and (Adirondack) snow melt comes to my realization.  From the grower's standpoint: that's plain for us to understand.  But what about the carpenters, (can't dig a foundation with the water table where it's been for weeks).  Or the migratory birds who'd be nesting along the shorelines (and their habitat is flooded).  Or the fishermen (walleye season opens this weekend and the river's are WAY above good conditions).  

We are relatively fortunate up to this point and thankful we're not on the Raquette.  And we managed to open and disk the new ground in the short windows without precipitation.  We're mostly on schedule. Also, we've got healthy broc, cabbage and brussel sprouts to put in tomorrow.  Cloudy days make for good transplanting and lead to less shock to the seedlings.

Which brings me to Saturday!  The forecast is for mainly clear skies which will make for pleasant mulching.  We'll tend to the new seedlings, as well as the blueberries, asparagus and misc perennials.  It's a relatively low stress task, some folks wheelbarrowing while others spread it around.    

We're starting at 9a IN THE LOWER RIVER GARDEN.  For the potluck, we'll contribute a tangy spring salad (sorrel! spinach!) and misc pickles. 

We may finish it all with a short orientation up at the barn.

Psyched to see you all!

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  1. we've been "wintering" on the Raquette in colton and we've spent the last week helping our neighbors sandbag their house to keep the river out. Walleye season for me looks to be a few weeks out,especially, with all the debris in the water. My seedlings are waiting for the garden to dry out before leaving the comfort of our porch. Pete