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We are all in the same boat

Hi Folks,

Listening to the radio yesterday morning i was reminded how even the most celebrated
farming operations are still farms and vulnerable to climactic twists and turns.
Essex Farm, on the southern side of the addies, has made national headlines recently regarding
their operation and their take on "full diet farming".  Their book (The dirty Life) has been all the rage and is certainly worth checking out.
The attached radio story is a humbling account of Essex Farms struggle to deal with the effects of
this record setting wet spring.


Like most local and regional growers we have had our struggles this season with all of the rain and cool temps. However, by having multiple plots to work we have been able to plant more or less on schedule.
The problem for us is that things are growing slowly. This past weeks sun certainly did help.
As I write this it is drizzling and the forecast calls for rain til mid week.
Farming for me is like a roller coaster ride, you just need to hang on and see what happens around the next bend.
We will keep you posted as this adventure unfolds.

be well

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