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Cannery YEAH! Sunbury, OH

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A new cannery outside Columbus, OH.   My mother and I had the great luck to tour it recently during a family visit, as my aunt Doian knows the sisters who created it. It’s a beautiful spot with a gleaming commercial kitchen, restored farmhouse and a thoughtful, playful landscape. This new venture clearly has a lot of support and hard work poured into it.

Jeannie and Susie offer both cooking and canning classes throughout the summer with seasonally available vegetables from their garden. One class combines the two: baking fresh bread and making a jam to slather on top.  Beyond the classes, they rent out the space for individuals or groups to put up food on their own, after taking the 'Canning Basics,' session. 
It was an inspirational visit and exchange of knowledge.  Mom and I told them all about last years first annual Preserves Swap.  

We’ve got a pile of ideas knocking around in our heads here at littleGrasse, and canning classes/group preservation projects rank up there.  It’s an incredibly useful and rewarding skill. Anyone have ideas?  How can we make it a reality here in the North Country? 
spacious kitchen
meeting spot in the cannery
bathroom (tilework!)

turtle leapin' in the lake
If you have family or friends in central Ohio, spread the word.

cheers, Flip

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring! It would be awesome to have such a place here.