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Garlic - harvest, cleaning, curing and distribution

2010 harvest
Hi Folks,

While we've been enjoying fresh green garlic for weeks the time has come for the big harvest and distribution. Before we get into the details of post harvest handling (which will be the same regardless of share type) it should be mentioned that we will be distributing the garlic in bulk all at once. The fresh shares will receive 20 bulbs per share and the year round shares will get 50 bulbs per share. The advantages are two fold. By distributing all at once we the growers will save on valuable barn space and shift some of the cleaning responsibility to you the shareholder. As shareholder you will benefit from learning how to handle freshly harvested garlic and have something to show for your handiwork that you can use at the rate you like.

Here are some ideas for cleaning, curing and storage.
- cleaning: peel back no more than two layers of wrapper to remove any remaining soil. Wiping the soil off with a rag is also helpful.  A little dirt remaining is fine.
- curing: tie garlic in bunches by their tops and hang in a dry area out of the sun with good air flow.
- storage: after a couple of weeks the garlic can be clipped and stored in paper bags at room temperature.

The attached link has some further details on the subject.

If you have any further comments or questions give us a shout.

be well,
newly harvested

dirt rubbed off and outer layers peeled away

clip tops after curing, roots too

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