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paste tomatoes/ edamame/ asian greens

garden has 8 varieties of paste, let them ripen on your counter
Reminder: Students begin pickup this week, so there will be more food, and increased traffic in the share barn.  Please follow the chalkboard for amounts.

We plant two categories of tomatoes.  The juicy sweeter ones are the SLICERS.  Often used for fresh eating.  And the fleshier, less liquidy are the PASTE.  They're traditionally used for sauces, as they cook down faster, and have more bulk.  This year, hands down, our paste tomatoes are producing better fruit. Unfortunately, our larger slicers, aren't as vigorous.  We plant paste primarily for the Year Round shares to can, roast, dry them.  This week we're sharing them with the whole group.  So we'll be dividing them and each share will get enough to cook down a fresh sauce for a pasta/pizza/lasagna starchy kind of night. When you pick them up, their shoulders (the top of the tomato), mat be a bit green.  Just set them on your counter to ripen up for a few days.  There'll also be oregano and basil.

Also, we'll be harvesting lots of green soybeans (edamame) this week.  The year round shares will get fat bundles of them for freezing, and again the Fresh shares will have enough for a nice meal. Reminder:  though you can cook the beans right in the pods, the pods AREN'T meant to be eaten.  We just boil 'em, salt 'em, and pop the beans right into our mouths as an appetizer.

Time to thin them.  Instead of the kales and chards, the coolers will be filled with mizuna, various mustards, bok choy, and tatsoi greens. Any of these can be sauteed or eaten raw, some have more kick than others.  We'll label them well so you can search for recipes if you like.

Any questions?

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