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Stellar cooks among us!

*Ansley, James and Jordan*     *Chicken and Rice Soup*

*Ben and Adam*     *Corn Flake Chicken and Smashed Potatoes*

*Ben and Adam*     *Fresh Garden Salsa*

*Flip and Bob*     *Gingered Ground Cherry Hot Sauce*

*Flip and Bob*     *Oven Fries*

*Jenelle and Doug*     *Pumpkin Puree for Freezer*

*Leah and Patrick*     *Canning Stash*

*Jan and Lenka*     *Hanza eating Kale Soup*

*Lettie*     *Edamame and Tomato Salad*

*Lettie*     *Maple Braised Green Beans*

*Lew*     *Mixed Veggie Fritata*

*Relani*     *Roasted Squash Medallions with Garlic Herb Sauce*

*Relani*     *Tamales*

What an awesome display of what's possible. 
Excellent job folks!
Here's a favorite recipe from Lenka.
Cheesy Squash
Wash the exterior of the winter squash or pumpkin.
Cut in half using a serrated knife.
Scoop out the seeds.
Put cut winter squash facing down in a pan filled with 2" of water. Bake at 375 F till soft.
Once the squash is somewhat cooled, scoop out flesh from the skin using a large spoon.
Put the baked winter squash into a pot with milk and cook till tender.  5 minutes before the end add grated cheddar cheese.
Puree the mixture to get it to a nice, smooth consistency with a hand blender.  Prepare in thicker consistency if you make it as a side dish, or add more milk and use it as a sauce to spaghetti (our favorite one).
Salt and pepper to taste.
Very easy and tasty.

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  1. These are some wicked good photos!