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want KRAUT?

please RSVP so we know how much cabbage to bring
shredded cabbage 2010
Yes, it's true the cabbage produced very well this year.  It far outperformed our fall asian greens planting of bok choy, tatsoi and mustard greens.

We still have 200 plus large heads.
Here's the opportunity to join fellow members and turn cabbage into sauerkraut.

9am sharp-noon (approximately)
1st Presbyterian Church (right on the town park)
We only have the church kitchen for the morning so
the scheduled start is important.

All members will leave with a container(s) of shredded, salted cabbage, which you'll nurture into sauerkraut.
Fresh/Student Shares: up to 2 gallons apiece
Year Round Shares: unlimited

Kraut, once it has reached the flavor you desire, can be frozen, canned or tucked in a cold spot (fridge or root cellar).

You can come with a container (food grade bucket or 1 gallon glass jars).
OR buy a 4 gallon food grade bucket from us for $2.50 that day.
If you're coming, let us know how much you'd like to take home and if you want to purchase a container.

Don't be daunted, if you're curious come!

Our total cost for the workshop (space reservation and salt), is $30.  Voluntary donations accepted.
matt shredding in 2010
It's a great simple, fermenting project.

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