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Distribution details: wrapping up Fresh Season

***Please read.***
Fresh/Year Round Shares
Last distribution days: Tuesday November 11th and Friday November 14th
Amounts will be doubled with Thanksgiving in mind.

**You Pick Greens**
Kale and Collards will be available until the snow is too deep to find them in the field.
We will mark the areas that are ok to pick.
It is worth mentioning that when the greens freeze in the field they are still fine to eat
upon thawing out.

Bean Protein Shares
There's 1 distribution left for each tempeh and tofu.  Tomorrow is a tempeh day and next week will be tofu, in order to finish in tandem with the weekly pickups.

Animal Protein Shares
The pigs are being processed at Willard's on November 7th.  We'll be in touch with you as soon as we've got the cuts back. The turnaround time is not known. It may require a separate trip to the share barn if they're not back by Friday the 14th.

Winter Shares (for students)
This food will be given out when you return from Christmas/January Break.  Less cooking seems to happen in the weeks leading up to finals, and storage of the food for January will not be a problem as we'll hold onto it.

Kitchen Crafts Shares
First distribution will follow Thanksgiving.  We'll keep in touch with more details.

This week in the share barn you'll find feedback surveys asking about your experience. PLEASE PLEASE, do us the good turn of filling those out, and bringing/mailing them back by Thanksgiving.

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