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In one modest garden, in one small town it's incredible how much happens in a year.
* on the social level: how many new people did you meet this season? there were people from 3 different continents in the garden, as well as new members and visitors from all over the states.
* on a practical level: renovation of the barn, new hog housing, improving the whole landscape of the Miner Street road frontage, and planting lots of perennials (herbs, blueberries, raspberries, hops and asparagus)
* on the microbial level: continual improvement of our sandy soil using chickens to fertilize the beds and boosting the organic matter with cover crops and mulches of various sorts.

 these upcoming months are a time for planning, your ideas are important. thank you one and all, do keep in touch.
it's not the end,  butt the start of a new season.

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  1. Look at those big healthy pigs! A great year for growing indeed!