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cherish the beet

The hearty, blood red fall beets are starting to come out of the ground.  Bob and Matt are pulling and topping them as I type (at work! I'm not shirking...).  There's certainly some folks on the fence about these chunky, earthy roots. As I don't have cooking photos with them yet, I've compiled a list of links from other CSA's and their members to give a little inspiration for this week's meals.  The crop did wonderfully, along with the carrots, so I reckong you'll have a few opportunities to experiment beyond the borscht and roasting.
Hope it's an enjoyable journey.

***  Roesti (potato beet pancake)

***  Beet Hummus

***  Raw Beet Salad 
          or try a roasted variation on this with similar flavorings.

***  Carrot-Beet Soup with Ginger Beet Relish

In the you-pick herbs area there's still oregano, thyme, mint, lavender, rosemary and sage.  A little herbs go a long way for flavor.

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