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season closing murmurings

Today is in the 60s.  It's the end of October.
That.  Is.  Weird.
We had a long fall in 2011 as well.  The upside is we're able to do thorough cleanup in the fields without excessive cold and moisture that makes it more difficult to get roots out smoothly.  So the gardens are looking great, with cover crops of oats and rye sown in many plots. The downside is that our cold storage and many people's root cellars are sluggish to cool, which is less than ideal.  We aim to get our root space to hover in the 34-38 degree zone and it has a long way to go.

notable dates:
* The last garden morning is this Saturday from 9a-1p. We'll be working up by the barn.
* There's 3 weeks left of distribution.  The last pickup is Friday November 16th. 
* The pigs went to Willard's yesterday morning.  We'll be in touch with the animal protein shares when we get the call that it's ready for pickup.  This will likely be next week.  The meat will be frozen.
* The chickens will be processed November 12th.  They will NOT be frozen.  It'll be your responsibility to pack it into freezer bags in amounts of your choosing.
* The Fall Storage shares will pick up their vegetables on Friday November 16th anytime 1-6pm. 
* The Wholeshare delivery will be Thursday November 15th.
* The first Kitchen Crafts installment will be the beginning of December.
jenny & calvin topping carrots

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