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town board meeting tomorrow

Tell your friends, family and neighbors. A full house will send the message that there are improvements to be made to the Town Code and that the community cares.

Who: The Town Board
Where: Municipal Building 60 Main Street (corner of Main and Miner)
             ** In courtroom in the basement
When: Thursday November 8
            **The meeting starts at 4p, our allotted time is 5:30-6p.
Goal: Illuminate to the Town Board of the merit of amending the residential zoning to allow Food Production, including direct-to-consumer style businesses.

Aim: Have people speak for up to 3 minutes apiece representing multiple angles/perspectives.  Some would relate directly to littleGrasse and others would represent related issues, ex. nat'l trends, economic benefit, improved SLU/town relations. The tone will be positive, taking care not to be accusatory. This issue effects us at littleGrasse daily, but it's bigger than us and new legislation has the potential to positively effect the town.

We have several folks enthusiastic to contribute.  They include year round shareholders, students, professors, folks related to North Country Grown Cooperative and GardenShare.

If anyone else is moved to speak and has some concise, relevant positive points-that’d be welcome.  Please come, even if you're not planning to speak, as we're hoping for a substantial group.  You can also write a letter or memo to submit to the board if you'd prefer that to speaking.

General Points:   
* The nation is embracing small-scale diverse agriculture, let’s ride this wave together.
* A more progressive code is economically beneficial
* Canton can become an example for others, a vibrant atmosphere
* Allow creation of diverse businesses to attract graduating students to remain in the area

  If you can't make the entire 2 hours, try to come by 5:20, so we're ready to hit the ground running at 5:30p.  

Thanks all and remember to spread the word.

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