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garden morning reflections

mulch team
We really really love the garden mornings.  Yes, our hands may be numb! And undoubtedly our beds were warm! But there's much accomplishment and laughter.  This past Saturday was no exception.  You all powered through some sizable tasks.  We opened several hundred bags of leaves (future mulch and compost). AND spread mulch over the 7,000 garlic and shallots that were planted a couple weeks ago.  Then we gathered in the barn for hot tea, all manner of filling vegetable dishes and baked goods. The winter is essential for planning and rest, but we miss the social alchemy and incredible teamwork that the growing season brings to our doorstep.

It's awesome and you're wonderful.

leah smoothing mulched beds

sarah in the leaves

emma rockin' shorts

braulio gettin' it done

crowd pleasing potato soup

flavor packed choco fruity cookies

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