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planning board meeting tuesday

Where are we at with the residential zoning issue at the farm?

We have met with both the Town Board and the Town Planning Board at their monthly meetings. Dozens of people have come to speak in favor of small scale agriculture no matter the zone. The boards have stated that they are willing to consider an amendment to the residential code that would allow CSA's and community gardens, which is good. There is hesitance whenever animals are mentioned.

This TUESDAY JANUARY 22nd at 7pm is the next gathering of the planning board in the Municipal building at 60 Main Street. It's the first meeting where draft language for the code is being presented, previously it was just talking, no written specifics. The head of the planning board, Mike Morgan, will show his amendment idea and talk about it. Richard Grover, a former county planner which we enlisted to help us, will present a way to integrate ag uses into the residential zone. We have already heard from the planners that they feel our draft is more comprehensive than they intend to tackle right now.  If anyone wants to read our draft before the meeting, let us know.

So come and see the show.
Spread the word.
Bring your eyes and ears!

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  1. I'll be teaching! Good luck! ~Jolene