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(relative) calm

raspberry canes in dutchess field

I love me some January! It's quite unlike the rest of the months of the year (for Flip especially as there's no library work and little outdoor requirements). We've been tromping around the property with the dogs, who dig the snow. The seeds are arriving in the mail. Bob's duties with the X country ski team are in full swing, so he's in and out of town for a couple months. And we're eating so well.  In some ways, winter eating is more decadent than the rush of August because we can draw on foods from the root cellar AND pantry shelves AND freezer.

Keep your eyes peeled for a 2013 season enrollment form in the (snail) mail. The reason we don't do the sign up online is because we still need to collect payment and that has to happen in person or through the mail. If there's enough interest (another year), we can look into paypal and streamlined sign up that way.
Students, the earlier the sign up, the better!
If anyone has a friend who might like our offerings, send along their contact info.

canning with sarah s-m
snowshoeing with the boys
gaming with lew (get him to invite you to lunch!)
bob + nipper heading back to the barn
Miss seeing everybody regularly, hope the winter has been notable.

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