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garlic distribution underway

Had all intentions of sending out an update before Friday pickup but didn't come to pass. The majority of you know to expect your garlic in bulk when it comes out of the field, Fresh (20 bulbs apiece) and Year Round (100 bulbs, up from 50). The harvest is abundant and well sized. We've been spared another season be the leek moth that's sweeping the region and damaging crops.

He's a link to a past post about some handling and curing tips. You won't be seeing garlic in the weekly pickup until the end of the season, when we'll distribute a few more. So use accordingly, and above all, ENJOY! Don't be daunted by the curing, especially if planning to eat within the calendar year.   Pulling off the outer layer is cleaner aesthetically, but not required for storage. Just rub off the soil and clip and tops and roots.

2011 blog post- garlic handling tips
wiping clean without removing any outer skin

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  1. *Great, heaving sigh*
    Nothing like an apartment full of garlic to make your world right, again! :~D