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share highlights- july/august split

Tomorrow we're doing the first cutting on a lovely new succession of MIXED SALAD GREENS. This mix includes mizuna, tatsoi, kale, mustard and arugula.   This week also includes a unique vegetable. It may be the only time you'll find it in your share. FENNEL, with it's notable licorice notes raw, is tamed significantly with heat. Grilling or roasting with other veg is popular. As is shaving it into salads. The entire plant is edible. And some PURPLE BASIL! Try it in fresh salads that preserve it's color. Or infuse some light colored vinegar. It'll turn a beautiful burgundy and be a good starter for vinaigrette.

“The forces of power, particularly corporate power, are impatient with what is adequate for a coherent community. Because power gains so little from community in the short run, it does not hesitate to destroy community for the long run.”  
                                                                                                      Wes Jackson

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