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share highlights- last week of august

For all you waiting for this spicy green, IT"S HERE! Today is our first cutting of the fall planting of ARUGULA. It's bounty is as great as the flavor. This green can be eaten raw or cooked. Also the creamy carola potato and sage among other offerings. Ingredients for  my ideal comfort dish.

This week marks our halfway point in the season. Next week is the first distribution of our Fresh, Fall share so you may see some new faces around the fields or share barn. It's a good opportunity to introduce yourself or help a new member if they have questions.

“Continually trying to look on the bright side interferes with our finding the wisdom that lies in the fruitful darkness. Continually striving upward toward the light means we never grow downward into our own feet, never become firmly rooted on the earth, never explore the darkness within and around us, a darkness without whose existence the light would have no meaning.” 
― Stephen Harrod Buhner

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